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90 Minute Facial - $125

Elevated beyond basic. This 90 minute signature treatment is the base of your experience. Customized completely from beginning to end, this service marries concerns, skin health, and relax factor. This is a perfect place to start so we can fully discuss your concerns and create that treatment plan, but this is also the most popular because of the extra modalities that may be included to really enhance results and experience. See our list of enrichments to enhance your visit and you'll leave glowing, renewed, and ready to face the world with more confidence.

Glo2 Facial - $170

This unique machine uses breakthrough technology to help the skin create its own oxygen, which hosts a multitude of benefits. It is completely customizable and will address aging, acne, pigmented skin, and much more by exfoliating, oxygenating, using ultrasound therapy, and massaging with lymph drainage - driving in the beneficial serums and ingredients deep into the skin. 

60 Minute Facial - $110

This facial treatment is great for when you care about your skin, but are short on time. This service, as all provided, will be completely customized to address your concerns and skin health. Enjoy thorough cleansing, appropriate exfoliation, extractions, a customized mask, treatment serums, and of course SPF. A taste of massage is included as a prelude to our 90minute signature treatment. And if this is your first visit, a customized plan for the future will be discussed. Consider personalizing your experience with a treat from our enrichments list.

Chemical Peels - $105/$125/$155

To book this service, click below to please first book a Virtual Consultation.

Dictated by depth and concerns, these solutions may target lines and wrinkles, scarring, discoloration, breakout, and maintain all-over skin health. Consultation and evaluation will determine your peel tier- Light, Medium, or Deep Options.

MicroChanneling Therapy - $130

This device will painlessly create channels into the epidermis for direct delivery of nutrients and correctives to address a multitude of sins. Acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, increased collagen and elastin, tone and texture are just a few of the many benefits found in this magical pen. (packaged series available and recommended)  

Dermaplaning Feature Treatment - $70

Remove dead skin and vellus hair, and enjoy smooth soft skin with this unique advanced service.  This non invasive sterile scalpel exfoliates to reveal a luminous glow.

Service Add Ons

 *High Frequency - This popular add on uses a Tesla current to address killing bacteria and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines - $20

 *LED Enhancement - This therapy uses skin-safe, low level light to penetrate specific depths into the skin to achieve a result.  Stimulating collagen, slowing oil glands,                                                            killing bacteria, and easing inflammation are just a few of the benefits - $25

 *Dermaplane - Exfoliate and remove vellus hair during your main treatment service as an add on enrichment - $35

 *Oxygen Infusion - Upgrade your service with this therapy that uses a hand piece to deliver pressurized oxygen, serums, and nutrients deep into the skin - $30

 *HydroJelly Enrichment - This unique mask creates a vacuum like seal to deliver electrolytes, nutrients, and ingredients into the skin. Benefits include hydration,                                                                                softening, smoothing, and reducing inflammation - $30

 *Ultrasound - Choose to treat the eye area or lower half of the face during your treatment with this type of sound frequency that improves the appearance of                                                             loose sagging skin and lines and wrinkles by focusing energy below the skin's surface stimulating collagen production - $40

 *Massage Enhancement - Treat yourself to some muscle relaxation prior to your skincare service.  Focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders adding this enrichment will                                                              create an all encompassing treatment - $45

 *MicroCurrent - This current is like a 'work out' for the facial muscles stimulating for a natural lift while also stimulating collagen to tighten skin's appearance - $40

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