About Hubbard Esthetics

Heather Hubbard

Heather is a self-proclaimed skincare product junkie and has a deep passion for helping people, so becoming an Esthetician was a natural, perfect fit. 

Heather is originally from a small town in central Indiana, where she owned a full service day spa and airbrush tanning studio. Heather moved to West Lafayette in 2005. She now serves the northwest Indiana area and specializes in repairing and maintaing the health of your skin's barrier, which ultimately allows her to effectively treat any other skin condition you are concerned with.


Heather Hubbard has been licensed and practicing in the Esthetics industry since 2002. Heather has experience in several different facets of the industry and believes strongly in continuing education to maintain the best services and results around. 

 You’ll find her watching videos, reading articles, or practicing new techniques constantly so she is always up to date on the latest ways and techniques to help her serve you best.

Passions and Beliefs

Transforming Skin. Changing Lives. Valuing People.

This is the motto behind Hubbard Esthetics. And these aren't just words to Heather, they're a way of life. 

With a passion for creating an experience that embodies both the skin and mind, she infuses this motto into everything she does within her practice.

As humans, the world throws so much at us, getting some time to decompress is a much needed reward. Add the benefits of taking care of your skin regularly to that and you’ll see  why visiting her is so important. 

 Not only does a treatment help you leave the world and worry behind - even if only for an hour - her results-oriented skin care treatments and protocols will have you feeling more confident in your own skin; truly changing your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a facial? Do I need it? And what can I expect?
I hear this question a lot!  The Hubbard Experience is set apart from most facials, and if you have skin, you need a facial!  

Just like you see a doctor for checkups or go to the gym to work out….you need to care for your skin! You can expect to have a conversation about the concerns you have regarding your skin and expect to learn about your own skin’s health and condition. The skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, and extractions will be performed, if necessary. The skin will be nourished at a professional level. The whole process integrates massage and complete relaxation as you are educated on products, ingredients, and next steps to get your skin elevated to next level results. The goal is to get your skin to a healthier happier place and to restore your confidence!  
What can I expect after a facial? How often should I return?
You will leave relaxed and renewed with an amazing glow. If your appointment is during the day, you’ll leave with your sun protection and makeup may be applied. Evening appointments will typically have the skin prepared as a nighttime routine. 

 Although very rare, a breakout or “purge” can happen. This is not a reaction, but simply underlying bacteria or debris that has surfaced because of the deep and thorough treatment process. 

 Once your skin has been treated, you should return every 3-4 weeks or more depending on the results desired. Treatment plans are created at each initial visit to discuss how often you should return and what particular treatments are best. 
What about more intense treatments?
Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, nanoneedling, and electrical current oriented services are offered, but a consultation is required with appropriate home care prepping before these services will be recommended. 

 These services typically yield more dramatic results but may come with some downtime. All of this will be explained during consultation when the appropriate service and treatment plan has been discussed. 
Who is performing these services? What is an esthetician?
An esthetician is a licensed professional who has attended particular schooling in the treatment and services of the skin and its issues. 

 Heather Hubbard has been licensed by the state of Indiana for almost 20 years. She carries many and various certifications including dermaplaning, treating sensitive skin, treating discolorations and pigment, just to name a few. She has experienced acne issues herself and has a passion for restoring and building confidence. 

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