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The Electrolysis Center 

Located inside of Hubbard Esthetics is Kathy Young. With almost 30 years of experience, she’s mastered the art of electrolysis. If you’ve struggled with unwanted hair, Kathy is the area’s go-to hair removal professional.

CALL (765) 742-0408 

Lafayette Microblading
The ultimate destination for permanent makeup. Led by Marissa, a highly skilled and passionate artist, they specialize in microblading and other services to enhance your natural beauty. With top-notch techniques and years of experience, they  deliver stunning, long-lasting results. Transform your brows, lips, and eyeliner effortlessly, and say goodbye to daily makeup routines. Trust their expertise and join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced their exceptional artistry. Elevate your beauty game with Lafayette Microblading LLC today!


MONAT Company
Discover the Beauty Secrets of MONAT: Embrace the #1 Premium Haircare Brand. Experience the Natural Magic of our Beauty and Wellness Products, meticulously crafted to unlock your true potential. From nourishing hair oils to luxurious skincare essentials, MONAT offers a range of high-quality treasures to enhance your natural beauty. Join millions of satisfied customers worldwide who trust MONAT for their self-care needs. Shop now and indulge in a truly extraordinary beauty experience. Unleash your beauty with MONAT today!


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